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Carbine 2 is the next evolution in our progressive shooting program. This course takes what we built in our Carbine 1 course and pushes it to the next level. We start with the establishment of the proper mindset and quickly progress into performance and scenario-based shooting. Shooting on the move, problem-solving, strong side, and support side shooting, multiple threat engagements, and much more.


Carbine 2

    • Safety rules

    • Performance on demand

    • Foundational carbine reinforcement

    • EDC Gear and accessory discussion and setup

    • Weapon manipulation

    • Task vs Priority 

    • Recoil Management

    • Malfunction remediation 

    • Efficiency of movement

    • Strong side and support side shooting

    • Sling management

    • Reloading

    • Multiple threat engagements

    • Positional shooting

    • Performance-based shooting

    • Various distance engagements 

    • Terminal Ballistics 

    • Managing speed vs accuracy

    • Shooting on the move/moving then shooting

    • Barricade shooting

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