Combined Arms

Combined Arms


Our Combined Arms course is designed to take solid foundations and build shooters competence, and capability in their primary and secondary weapon system. Shooters will be pushed outside their comfort zones to build clear neurological pathways   enhancing speed, accuracy, and consistency. Upon completing shooters will have a clear understanding and confidence in their ability and manipulation of both weapon systems.

This course is open to all students that have taken our or comprable Carbine/Pistol 1 courses.

Culpepper, Va

March 20th

20 Students (Open Enrollment)


Range Fee Included


NOTE: We are in the process of building out our partner network, so for now when students with prior training look into training with us we will start them where ever their highest certification places them in our curriculum. If there aren't any available corresponding certifications we will start them at our foundational classes.

  • Minimum Gear Requirements

    • Common Sense/Open Mind

    • Carbine

    • Pistol

    • Sling

    • 2 Magazine Holder (minimum)

    • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) 

    • 500 rounds of carbine ammunition (minimum). No Steel Core

    • 300 rounds of pisol ammunition (minimum).

    • 3 magazines of 10 round capacity (minimum) 

    • Belt or chest rig

    • Appropriate clothing for training

    • Knee pads, Elbow Pads,  (optional, but recommended) 

    • Clear eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended), and baseball cap

    • Food & Water

  • Topics Covered

    • Safety rules

    • Performance on demand

    • Foundational carbine reinforcement

    • EDC Gear and accessory’s discussion and setup

    • Weapon manipulation

    • Task vs Priority 

    • Transitions

    • Recoil Management

    • Malfunction remediation 

    • Efficiency of movement

    • Reloading

    • Multiple treat engagements

    • Strong side and support side shooting and manipulation 

    • Movement in and around objects

    • Benchmark testing

    • Positional shooting

    • Performance based shooting

    • Various distance engagements 

    • Terminal Ballistics 

    • Managing speed vs accuracy

    • Shooting on the move/Moving then shooting

  • Not allowed

    *Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed*