Our Diminished Environment course is designed with our everyday operating environment in mind. This course exposes shooters to various lighting conditions, and understanding how to properly read lighting conditions and employ proper lighting techniques. Students will see and understand the importance of choosing the correct gear, and students' decision making will be tested in various low light/no light conditions. There are multiple shooting drills and scenarios that will help students reduce their reaction time, and enhance decision making and accuracy, and overall confidence in their ability and weapon system in Diminished Environments.


Belleville Ohio (Private Range)

Location emailed upon signing up

Sept 25th

20 Student Class (Open Enrollment)

8 Hour Class 


NOTE:: : We are in the process of building out our partner network, so for now when students with prior training look into training with us we will start them where ever their highest certification places them in our curriculum. If there aren't any available corresponding certifications we will start them at our foundational classes..



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Diminished Environment (Pistol)

    • Safety rules

    • The human vision in low/no light

    • Understaning/Reading light and processing informaiton

    • Proper gear selection and conciderations flashlights and weapon mounted lights. 

    • Alternative uses of flashlights

    • Handheld vs Weapon mounted light (WML)
    • Proper use of weapon mounted lights

    • Fundamentals of shooting in dark environments

    • Environmental considerations in dark environments

    • EDC Gear and accessory’s discussion and setup

    • Weapon manipulation in lowlight/no light 

    • Photonic barriers

    • Single hand shooting

    • Task vs Priority 

    • Recoil Management

    • Malfunction remediation 

    • Efficiency of movement in low light no light

    • Multiple treat engagements

    • Positional shooting

    • Performance based shooting

    • Various distance engagements 

    • Terminal Ballistics 

    • Managing speed vs accuracy

    • Shooting on the move/Moving then shooting in low light/low light