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HDST training is our reality-based training program that puts students in numerous real-life scenarios that evaluates their decision-making, problem-solving, legal implications, and much more. Force-on-force training is the closest training you can get to live training. This one-day program will add instant value to any student's progression of training, and upon completion, students will have a thorough understanding of shot accountability, timing, spatial awareness, and individual ability to survive violent encounters in various situations.

Requirements: No prior force-on-force training is required. Still, due to the training, and the realism of the scenarios and situations students will find themselves in, students should have a base knowledge of the safe handling of a semi-automatic handgun.

8 Hour class

Home Defense Scenario Training (HDST)

    • Safety rules

    • Med/safety 

    • Gladiator Mindset

    • Proper gear selection

    • Situational awareness

    • Weapon manipulation

    • Task vs Priority 

    • Environmental Considerations

    • TQ Employment

    • Offense Vs Defense

    • Multiple threat engagements

    • Weapon transitions

    • Various distance engagements 

    • Problem-solving

    • Decision making

    • Post engagement procedures

    • And More..

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