Pistol 1 is the next evolution in our progressive shooting program. We start with establishment of the proper mindset, and quickly progresses into performance and scenario based shooting. Shooting on the move, problem solving, strong side and support side shooting and much more.


Raymond MS (Private Range)

Location emailed upon signing up

June 25th

6 Hour Class



*NO REFUNDS* NOTE: : We are in the process of building out our partner network, so for now when students with prior training look into training with us we will start them where ever their highest certification places them in our curriculum. If there aren't any available corresponding certifications we will start them at our foundational classes.

Pistol 1

    • Safety rules

    • Performance on demand

    • Foundational Pistol Reinforcement

    •  EDC Gear and accessory’s discussion and setup

    • Weapon manipulation

    • Task vs Priority 

    • Recoil Management

    • Malfunction remediation 

    • Efficiency of movement

    • Reloading

    • Intro to positional shooting

    • Performance based shooting

    • Outcome based shooting

    • Defensive shooting drills

    • Terminal Ballistics 

    • Managing speed vs accuracy

    • Environmental management considerations