Urban Gunfighter

Urban Gunfighter

Urban Gunfighter is a joint course taught by myself and current SWAT CPT. Mitchell. This is a rare opportunity to put all of your skills into practice in an urban environment. This course takes what we built from our carbine and pistol courses and pushes it to the next level. This course is designd to teach Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian personnel skills to survive a violent encounter. The skillsets learned during this course can be utilized across multiple specturms of gunfighting, policing, home defence and EDC. This cousre will require a moderate level of fitness, and an open mindset.
Barnwell SC (Location Emailed Upon Registration)
Nov 21-22nd
24 Student Class (Open Enrollment)
12 Hour Class
Range Fee Included
NOTE: : We are in the process of building out our partner network, so for now when students with prior training look into training with us we will start them where ever their highest certification places them in our curriculum. If there aren't any available corresponding certifications we will start them at our foundational classes.
  • Topic Covered

    • Safety rules

    • Performance on demand

    • Barricade and use of cover and concealment

    • Individual movement techiques

    • Weapon manipulation

    • Task vs priority 

    • Structural assessment

    • Malfunction remediation 

    • Efficiency of movement

    • CQB Basics

    • Environmental Considerations

    • TQ Employment

    • Multiple treat engagements

    • Positional shooting

    • Performance based shooting

    • Weapon transitions

    • Various distance engagements 

    • an more...

  • Minimum Gear Requirements

    • Common Sense/Open Mind

    • Carbine

    • Pistol

    • Sling

    • 2 Magazine Holders (minimum)

    • 2 Pistol Magazine Holders (minimum) 

    • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) 

    • 500 rounds of carbine ammunition (minimum). No Steel Core

    • 500 rounds pistol ammunition (minimum) No Steel Core

    • Quality belt with strong side or appendix holster (Kydex holster recommended)

    • 3 magazines of 10 round capacity (minimum) 

    • Knee pads, Elbow Pads,  (optional, but recommended) 

    • Clear eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended), and baseball cap

    Optional Gear: 

    • Body Armor
    • Plate carrier
    • Chest rig
    • Weapons Lights
    • Batteries
    • First Aid, etc.