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Women's Concealed Carry Concepts (CCC) is a course designed for women by women that takes you from the fundamentals of marksmanship through Concealed Carry Concepts. This course drives home  weapon manipulation, shot accountability and situational awareness which is a key ingredient to your safety.  Students will develop the proper skills, capability, and competency in theirselves and their equipment. CCC is a must for all women who carry a firearm daily

Women's Concealed Carry Applications (WCCA)

    • An Open Mind

    • Handgun

    • EDC Holster

    • 300 rounds of Ammo

    • Eye and Ear Protection

    • Closed Toe Shoes

    • Snacks 

    • Water

    • Notebook


    • Brimmed Hat

    • Sunscreen

    • Bug Spray

    • Long Pants

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