In these tragic times of unpredictable assault and volatility, would you know how to protect yourself and your loved ones with your firearm if attacked, disarms attempted or grabbed within 3 feet? If you want enhanced survivability of inevitable violence for you, your loved ones and team, Extreme close quarters survival tactics are an essential solution for you. 5 out of 6 people will be the victim of violent crime once in there lives, according to federal statistics, with an average gunfight being 3 rounds fired, over 3 seconds, within 3 yards. In Extreme CQT survival tactics you will discover how to prevail in these volatile, up close and personal situations gaining the tactical advantage.

March 26-27th  


8 Hour Class Range Fee Included

1hr Lunch Break



NOTE: This coure is extremely physically emanding. Make sure you come to ready to work. Clothes get torn and ripped during class so bring an extra set of clothing.



X-Treme Close Quarters Tactics

    • 3 empowering mindset tools for peak performance under pressure

    • Discovering how to gain the tactical advantage through martial combat to fight/survive attacks in order to deploy & utilize your firearm including; empty hand, impact objects, bladed weapons, and grappling scenarios

    • Controlling & redirecting distance and damage at the 3 ranges of extreme close quarters 

    • Gun retention fundamentals concepts including holster quality and survival tactics actions

    • In close and ambidextrous Firearms tactics within the 3 ranges of ECQ

    • Essential Dynamic and Evasive movement to increase survivability

    • Environmental awareness, considerations and adaptations.

    • Real time firearms safety, 

    • Team work through communication with your loved ones and teammates.

    • All culminated through Functional Force on Force escalating pressure tested scenarios and drills

    • Know what to do if suddenly attacked, disarms attempted or or grabbed within 3 feet.