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Our Until Help Arrives (UHA) course is one of the key elements in our "Total Shooter Concept" (TSC) training. This course is designed to bridge the gap from the time of injury until medical personnel arrive from an EDC perspective. Students will be able to recognize a life threatening injury, provide effective treatment, extricate the casualty, while maintaining cover and accuratly engaging threats. Students will learn lifesaving medical skills based on tactical emergency medical casualty care (TECC) guidelines.


**The shooting portion of this course is run from concealment.**

Until Help Arrives (UHA)

    • Safety rules

    • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) setup and application

    •  EDC Gear and accessory discussion and setup

    • Rapid Trauma Assesment 

    • Priorities in a direct threat environment

    • Proper lifting and movement techniques 

    • Bleeding control

    • Airway management

    • Wound dressing

    • Preventing shock

    • Efficiency of movement

    • Reloading

    • Positional shooting

    • Scenario-based shooting

    • Defensive shooting drills

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