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Introducing our Gladiator Whiskey Glasses! These glasses are meticulously designed by Gladiator 6, and produced by hand from our buddy over at Last Cut Crystal ensuring they are inline with the Gladiator lifestyle. Yes you read that right "By Hand". Will wanted a glass that represented the Gladiator lifestyle and he began designing the glass on a napkin. After multiple designs he finally came up with one he liked. These glasses are imported from Europe with the highest quality. The design, weight, attention to detail, and story behind the glass is unsurpassed. These glasses and are sure to be a major conversation piece in anyones hands or bar. There are two laser engraving designs, one is the Total Shooter Concept (TSC) and the other is the GGTG logo. Either way these are the perfect gift for the spirits connoisseur in your life. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab one or two of these super exclusive whiskey glasses.


Each glass comes with:

1 - Custom Engraved Whiskey Glass Storage Box

1 - Set of 3 whiskey rocks

1 - Gladiator Whiskey Glass


The Story behind the Gladiator Whiskey Glass:


The glass itself is design with the perfect circumference to fit comfortably in any hand. The bottom of the glass was the main focus of the design. Will (Gladiator 6) wanted a glass that could be used in Ancient Rome times by aGladiator as a mallet to smash and adversary several times before breaking. The diamond cuts around the base of the glass serve as the walls of the Roman Colosseum Gladiators were forced to fight in. The 16 vertical cuts (8 long & 8 short) serve as the  reminder of battles that took place in the coliseum.  Lastly when the glass is raised to drink your spirits of choice it is releasing the Gladiators spirit from captivity. Deep I know, but thats Will. Grab you a glass and let the conversations begin!!

GGTG Whiskey Glasses

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