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NVG 101 is our foundational program that's designed to give students a foundation knowledge of night vision and applicaition working both primary and secondary weapon systems. This 16 hr course takes students from a foundational equipment understanding, selection and setup, to applicaiton of the equipment. Students will be put through multiple drills, and scenarios. At the completion of the course students will have a working knowledge of night vision devices and how to propely employ them.


NVG equipment is being provided by Z-Bar Supply.

There is lodging on site for rent. For more information contact Mr. Chad Timney

– (702) 682-3475

NVG 101 (Familiarization & Applicaition)


    • Safety rules
    • How night vision works
    • Helmet and gear setup
    • Zeroing laser devices
    • Efficient and consistent Fundamentals
    • Passive vs. active aiming
    • Reloads in the dark
    • Weapon manipulation in low light/no light 
    • Cover/Shooting Positions
    • Target Transitions
    • Low light/No light shooting techniques
    • Environmental considerations in dark environments
    • Positional shooting
    • Performance-based shooting
    • Various distance engagements 
    • Terminal Ballistics 
    • Managing speed vs accuracy
    • Shooting on the move/Moving then shooting in low light/low light
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